Youth violence | BCJ 2201 – Juvenile Delinquency | Columbia Southern University

For this assignment, you will assume the role of a researcher for a nonprofit that examines international juvenile justice systems and/or youth violence. The nonprofit has asked that you complete a profile of two countries (use two of those discussed in this unit).
First, why do we study international juvenile justice and/or youth violence (at least one paragraph)?
Second, select two countries that were discussed in this unit for comparison. Provide the following information in your discussion:
Include the name of the country and an overview of it. You are encouraged to visit for this information (at least two paragraphs for each country).
Select a region by using the interactive map.
Then, select the specific country you will include in your discussion.
Include a summary of the juvenile justice or youth violence as identified in the lesson notes (at least one paragraph for each country).
Use the attached document template to complete this assignment.

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