Your team will select a hotel, resort, restaurant, event or …

hospitality question
Your team will select a hotel, resort, restaurant, event or other elements of hospitality, tourism and event system and have it approved. You will work as a team to develop a detailed Marketing Plan using the attached outline as your guide, using research that you gather to assist you in determining the elements of the plan. I CHOOSE Gordan Ramsay North AmericaExecutive summary- 1-2 pages (10 points)?? Summarize your plan and include:o Current environment that requires some retoolingo The situation facing your company that requires a change in strategyo Proposal for your plan- big picture (Originality is important. That is, you cannot use the companys existing strategy.)For example: Targeting a new market, developing a new product, expanding to a new area/location, altering the promotional strategyo Briefly describe how that plan will be enacted (marketing mix)o Explain your budgetary constraints (broadly how much money you plan to spend and how much benefit you can get)o Marketing plan objectives (i.e., increase room rate, increase awareness, increase food bill, etc.),o Measure of success (i.e. what kind of measuresshould be related to your objectives)Marketing Plan Heading: Introduction- 2-3 pages (5 points)?? Identify your company, what business they are in, and what in their environment is creating a need for a new plan, general background/relevant information?? Briefly overview your plan, 2o Discuss the unique background and philosophy behind our companyo Then move more broadly to our S.W.O.T. analysis where we particularly focus on our competition.o Discuss the characteristics of the existing target market and your desired target marketo Discuss your plans objectiveso Discuss budgetary constraintso End with some guidelines for the future growth of the company.Requirements: Follow direction Plagiarism Free Papers
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