Your paper must be word-processed, double-spaced and at leas…

Your paper must be word-processed, double-spaced and 
at least 900 words
in length (excluding your 
name, title, and references).  Your is worth 100 points and it’s worth 20 percent of your final grade.
The news media is the primary method most Americans use to get their information about myriad issues, including human sexuality. For this assignment you are to analyze a current news article that is about explicitly or tangentially human sexuality (from a reputable source, this includes, newspapers, newspapers or online news, or magazines such as GQ or Cosmopolitan, etc. You may even use stories discussed in the textbook but be sure to look for and use the actual article cited) in sociological terms. Find a story that intrigues you about a human sexuality. Critically analyze the article using the social construction of reality premise and 
concepts we’ve discussed in class. Although the first part asks for a brief summary of ‘the facts’ this is the least important part of the assignment. The most important part are the questions that follow! Do not forget to answer all of the questions for full credit and answer them with knowledge gained from this course. Be sure to include the following points:
Identify the following: 
1.    Who is involved? 
2.    What happened? 
3.    Why did it happen?
4.    Where did it occur? 
5.    When did it occur? 
6.    What aspect of human sexuality is being addressed? This is the most important part! Thoroughly answer the following questions: 
7.    How can the aspect of human sexuality in question be explained with the social construction of sexuality concept and other course concepts? 
8.    How (if) could this issue be addressed differently in this situation? 
9.    Be sure to clearly state how the groups or people involved are invested in the definition of the situation provided (either resolving it or perpetuating it). 

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