Your ~New or Updated~ General Resume

The goal is to help you create an updated general document that can be easily modified in the future. Over the next few weeks, you’ll learn why it is important to customize your resume to meet an employer’s job description. This requires that you have a solid general template to work from. Your General Resume is due by the end of week 1.
You can either upload your updated resume (after reading/incorporating information from this week’s readings) or you can build a new resume using UMUC’s general resume builder or templates. Note that UMUC uses templates that are considered best practice in the career services field.
You should create a resume with a specific job or career field in mind. You’ve done the research in weeks 1 & 2 on skills that you need and need to showcase, and you’ve read how to write your resume (active verbs, etc.). SO now put it together in your resume.
Option 1: Create a new general resume (or copy your existing resume into a UMUC resume template).

Choose a template to download based on your career from the attachments provided below.
Complete the general resume by entering your information into the placeholders.
Save as a .doc or .docx AND also as a PDF using this naming convention: Firstname_Lastname_Year_Resume.docx (or .pdf). For example, Mary_Smith_2018_Resume.docx.

Biotech templateCareer changers templateCyber.IT with experience templateCyber.IT without experience templateFederal Resume templateLimited Experience templateRelevant Experience template
Option 2: Upload an existing general resume or copy your existing resume into a UMUC resume template.

Make changes to your current resume by incorporating information from this week’s readings, videos, skills assessment, and resume format document.
Save as a .doc or .docx AND also as a PDF.

**For both Option 1 and Option 2, please note that your general resume should be one page, definitely no more than two pages long. This is not the place to submit a federal resume or CV**
Submission Instructions
Your must submit your resume draft BOTH via VMOCK and in LEO. The VMOCK tool uses algorithms to analyze your resume and offer you specific feedback on ways to improve it. It offers four different benchmarks to choose from to rate your resume based on your career and experience level.
YOU MUST FIRST submit the PDF of your resume via VMOCK. To do so, please

Login into your UMUC CareerQuest
After you sign into CareerQuest click on “Tools/Resources” then select the “Tools” tab. Seleck Vmock
Select the appropriate benchmark link base on your experience level and targeted career to be redirected to VMOCK.
Upload the PDF copy of your resume. you will be walked through a tutorial on how to use the platform.
Review the automated feedback. you can make revisions and upload a new copy to achieve a higher score (A score of 40 or higher is idea, but you will not be graded by the VMOCK score).
Select the resume you would like to submit to your instructor for your assignment by selecting “Network Feedback.”

To receive feedback on your resume within the Vmock platform you will need to follow the instructions below:

Once you have received your score in VMOCK click on Network Feedback and then click on Request Network Feedback.
You will be prompted to Select a Resume and then click on Next.
You will see Ask for Feedback.
Locate, Add Individually. Enter the name and email address of your instructor
Click Next.
Write the Message. Fill in the Job Position/Purpose and if you want to type a different message than what is already populated feel free to do so.
Click Send Request.

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