You are working a shift 1500 hrs to 2300 hrs. At 1830 you ad…

You are working a shift 1500 hrs to 2300 hrs. At 1830 you admit a male client from the OR who has just had prostate surgery and has returned from surgery on continuous bladder irrigation. He has Normal Saline irrigating the urinary bladder.
There is a 3000mL bag running with 1000 mL remaining attached to Y-tubing, with another 3000mL bag clamped on the other side of the Y. The drainage is quite dark reddish pink.
At 2030 hrs, the bag has 50mL remaining, and you switch to the new bag. You then attach a new 3000 mL clamped for the next change. At 2245 there is 1000 mL remaining; the output from the drainage bag during this time period is 3500 mL and is light claret in colour.
What is the purpose of continuous bladder irrigation?
Why is it running so fast? Should it be that quick?
Why is the other bag hanging?
What type of indwelling catheter is needed to run a continuous irrigation?
How often might you have to empty the bag?
When drainage is clear, what would you expect to happen to the infusion flow rate?
What is the urinary output at the end of your shift?
If a client reports cramps, pain in the lower abdomen what might you suspect is the problem? What action would you take? Plagiarism Free Papers
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