You are an Enrolled Nurse employed in a Primary Health clini…

You are an Enrolled Nurse employed in a Primary Health clinic. A regularclient of the clinic, Mr McFarlane, who was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes8 months ago, has presented to your clinic today with increasing deteriorationin his diabetes. The doctor has now prescribed insulin twice daily for Mr McFarlaneand an increase in BGL monitoring to 4 times/ day to assist in lowering hisblood glucose levels. You have been asked by the Registered Nurse of the clinicto assist Mr McFarlane and his wife with understanding and demonstrating howto include the doctor’s recommendations into their routine.Review of Character Briefs:Mr George McFarlane. Male, aged 53 years. Married for 5 years with 3 children.Mr McFarlane’s background includes:Occupation – Long haul truck driverEarns good moneyAway from home a lot – not there to support familyOverweight – 135kgHypertensionUses watching television and beer to cope with stressSmokerDiet preferences are Australian. Often has a poor diet when on the road for work including ‘fatty food from truck stops’Unknown social support and external interestsHas osteoarthritis in (L) kneeReliant on wife, Yu Yang, to complete all domestic duties as he is not self-sufficient.Mrs Yu Yang McFarlane is Mr McFarlane’s wife. She is 38 years old. Mrs McFarlane’s background includes:Came to Australian as a university studentFell pregnant at the age of 19 – did not marryMarried George 5 years agoHas 3-year old twins at homeOne twin has developmental disorderEnglish language is goodWas/Is isolated with no extended familyPrefers to cook Asian foodNeeded help with raising child and so she invited her Chinese mother to come to Australia to help out.QUESTION – Discuss possible self-esteem issues Mr McFarlane may experience when administering insulin and checking BGL’s while on the road for his job. What information could you provide to assist Mr McFarlane deal with these issues? Consider in your answer:Privacy and dignity when checking BGLs and administering insulinRisk of anxiety and depressionSafely administering insulin at prescribed times, safe storage of medications and disposal of sharpsResponse: Plagiarism Free Papers
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