xHWE 200 PGCC Cancer Community Needs Assessment-Seattle Care

The purpose of the needs assessment is to help you understand the community and/or organization you are serving. Choose a health issue you mentioned in your personal health reflection assignment. You will be describing the needs for your health topic in the proposed locality, include baseline data on demographic characteristics of the target population with supporting racial/ethnic data. Describe the prevalence of health indicators such as obesity, tobacco use, etc in your proposed geographic area. Include descriptions of the availability of preventive health services that address the health issue in the target group. Discuss any relevant barriers that you hope to overcome. Describe any gaps in current services, knowledge, and the capacity of key players (health care providers, private/community agencies) to screen, routinely assess, effectively intervene and/or coordinate efforts within a network of preventive health services. This assignment is to be 3-5 pages, double spaced, 12 font. An example structure outline will be posted on Moodle to help you organize your data.
You can choose to talk about cancer, HIV/AIDS or mental health.This assignment is 3-4 pages..NO PLAGIARISM!!! Below will be attached a outline the teacher provided…

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