1. Discuss the importance to Allied strategy and German destruction of Hamburg, Kassel, Wurzburg, Darmstadt, Heilbronn, Wuppertal, and Magdeburg during the “fire bombings.”.
2. Share a brief summary of your subject’s experiences. Select one D-day participant from the list below and read and/or listen to the accounts of his or her experiences.
Bob Littlar Sid Capon Bill Farmer André Heintz Franz Gockel James Hill
3. Why did the Western Allies delay so long in responding to Stalinâ€s request that they open a Second Front in Europe against Germany? The invasion in North Africa was given preference; how successful was the war in North Africa for the Allies?
– pages 310-449
– minimum 100 words per question (total 300 words)
– MLA one citation per question (use book attacked)
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