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1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBhwDjoWEcg After watching the video, What’s A Social Enterprise (below) , think about how companies use social media to reach customers with similar interests. Consider how companies like Amazon use data analytics (business intelligence) to better serve customers by making recommendations based upon what other customers, similar to you, are buying or browsing on their website. iTunes uses the Apple Genius to recommend songs based upon what you have already purchased. How could Wilmington University use similar approaches to better serve student needs? Provide specific.
1. Please view the What is Business Intelligence (Links to an external site.) video. Please also read these two articles: Business Intelligence 2.0: Are we there yet? (Links to an external site.) and Online Behavioral Advertising (Links to an external site.).
2. you viewed the Creating Winning IT Strategies video (Links to an external site.). The presenter gave an example of how 7-11 stores in Japan used information to make better decisions to increase sales substantially. Pick another company and describe how it could use information for better decision making. Your write-up should be 2 double spaced pages in APA format with references associated with the company that you picked.
no plagarism.
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