writing need help please 182

writing need help please 182

THE Future of Community Orientated Policing
Two future concerns that I noticed when looking over the chapter are the lack of involvement on the part of the police, community, and various government agencies. I also saw where it stated that “many police departments have the ability to implement change without any change.” (Oliver 2008)
If the community, the police, and government agencies don’t get together there is no way that these different policing models will work. What is making them work now is the fact that everyone is willing to help out where they can.
“Many police departments have the ability to implement change without any change.” (Oliver 2008)
What this means is that if they change the name of community oriented policing but they don’t change the department the system is going to fail. They will then associate the lack of effectiveness with the new community oriented policing and deem it ineffective and quit on it.
Changing times mean that the system will have to change right along with them just like it has been. The system that was implemented in the 1960s is not the same one that is followed to this day. It has had to expand right along with the growing population.
It will affect the change at officer level on a positive note. With changing times the officers are going to have to learn to deal with different situations. It means more schooling more hands on learning more involvement with the community learning the best was to deal with situations.

Oliver, W. (2008). Community Oriented Policing A Systematic Approach To Policing. New Jersey: Pearson Education Company.

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