writing for change transfer assignment part 2

Due: Week 12, Sunday April 5th, 11:59pm, submit to Blackboard, AND bring a printed hardcopy to class on Monday, April 6th (NCF) or Tuesday, April 7th (NCQ). Your submission will not be recognized unless you bring a hardcopy to class.
There are TWO steps to this assignment: the first is your main body, and the second is your reflection.
Step ONE: Main Body: Genre— you choose! (15%)
Select one genre from the transfer-related genres we have explored over the last few weeks, or will be exploring over the next few weeks. These include:
• Social Media Response: Addressing the Opposition (week 8)
• Formal Email (or Formal Letter) (week 9)
• Infographic (week 10)
• Personal Opinion Essay (week 11)
You must select a different genre than selected for your Transfer Assignment, Part 1.
Regardless of which option you choose, you must:
• Include an APA formatted reference page and cover page.
• Write a minimum of 500 – 700 words if writing prose, or cover a minimum of 1 page if creating an infographic.
• Use a minimum of 1 reading/video from the semester as evidence to support or inspire your new creation. This must be different from the source you used in your Transfer Assignment, Part 1.
• Be sure to use some, if not all, of the writing strategies discussed and relevant to your chosen genre.
• Please see weekly uploads for support with prompts for your selected genre.
Step TWO: Reflection (5%)
As with your Transfer Assignment “Writing for Change” Part 1, write a fully-developed paragraph explaining the conventions you used for your selected genre. How did you apply stylistic writing choices to suit your new audience and purpose? You may want to consider things like: i) diction, ii) syntax, iii) language & tone, iv) organization of ideas, v) format and layout, vi) rhetorical appeals, vii) citation style, viii) literary devices, and beyond. In short, tell me about the main writing decisions you made, and why you made them. Be specific: when referring to your choices, you may wish to provide supporting quotes and examples from your piece.
I have attached part 1 file.
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