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Please read the requirements before want to help me this is a serious paper and it must be done as the requirements stated no no plagiarism at all and no late submit acception.
Inculde another page for refpernses
read the journal article entitled: Battered Women Who Kill: The Impact of Expert Testimony and Empathy Induction in the Courtroom by Karyn M. Plumm and Cheryl A. Terrance. Students are to read Plumm’s and Terrence’s article about battered women who kill; the impact of expert testimony and empathy induction in the courtroom and write a minimum one page (Microsoft Word Document using the APA format, 12 point type, Times New Roman font, double spaced, including page numbers), summary of the paper regarding; 1. What are the differences between battered women syndrome and social agency framework defenses?, 2. Explain the cycle of violence theory as described in the journal article, and 3.What effects did inducing empathy in closing statements have? Be specific in your summary writing.

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