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Answer 3 questions
5 Pages minimum formatting is: 1” margins all around, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12point font. No headers, extra spaces between paragraphs
none of the little tricks that take up space.
FMLA leave requires a “serious health condition.” First, in your own words, describe what has to happen before it be determined that an employee, or a family member of an employee, suffers from a “serious health condition.” Then, find a case where an employer challenged whether an employee or family member actually suffered from a “serious health condition” and explain the court’s decision and reasoning.
There are two (2) types of legal claims employees may make when suing an employer under the FMLA. Do your own research and identify these two types of claims. Then, in your own words, describe how the claims are analyzed. In other words, what does an employee have to prove when bringing each type of claim?
The FMLA allows an employee to take “intermittent leave.” First, do your own research into “intermittent leave.” Then, in your own words, describe what that term means. What is the shortest period of time that an employee can be away from work on “intermittent leave?” What must an employer do to track an employee’s use of FMLA leave? Finally, find a case that concerns “intermittent leave” and explain what the dispute was about and how the court ruled.
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