writing 2 pages paper essay summary critique

writing summary critique about this article (Using Student-Led Seminars and Conceptual
Workshops to Increase Student Participation)
Summary – less than 1 page
The summary section should include a description of the following:

The research problem
The purpose of the research
Research question(s) and/or hypothesis
Brief explanation of the research method
Statement about the participants
Instruments used to collect data
Summary of the main findings
Conclusion and recommendation

Critique – at least 1 page
Identify a concept (or several concepts) discussed in the Nardi Critical Thinking: Tools for Evaluating Research book. The list below is for ideas — it is not exhaustive.

How is the quantitative data dealt with? Is it represented accurately?
How is the design of the research? Does it follow the inquiry model of scientific thinking?
Are the size and the major characteristics of the participants described? Is the chosen sample appropriate (fits the study)? Does having these particular participants ensure that the results of the study are valid, representative, and unbiased?
Are the instruments described? Are the instruments appropriate for the study? Are these instruments reliable and valid?
Were the findings of the study logically presented? Are these findings important?
Are possible causes and correlations discussed appropriately?
Are the visual tools used clear and accurate?

Use Time New Roman
Font size 12
double space
The full paper must be at least 2 pages.
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