Write an entry of 400 words minimum explaining

Write an entry of 400 words minimum explaining

Write an entry of 400 words minimum explaining how your Red Cross Volunteer project relates to at least two of the course objectives. See the complete list of course objectives in the course syllabus. Be sure to explain why you think these objectives are important. Label this entry Service Learning Project Objectives. Cite at least 2 articles and/or readings from the course in this entry.Note: The purpose of this entry is not to tell what you think the objective of your SLP is; rather, it is to relate your project to the course objectivesArticles to be used are as follows:http://sites.asiasociety.org/asia21summit/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/1.-Aung-San-Suu-Kyi-Freedom-from-Fear.pdfhttp://content.bellevue.edu/cas/la/400-410-420/id/kss/the-pursuit-of-truth.pdfhttp://www.mkgandhi.org/voiceoftruth/civildisobedience.htmhttp://www.gallup.com/poll/181790/nearly-billion-women-worldwide-struggling-suffering.aspx?version=printhttp://www.people-press.org/2014/11/13/public-trust-in-government/The course objectives are as follows:Use written, oral, or visual communication as an effective tool to influence others to acknowledge growth in good governance based upon the recognition of civil and human rights.Establish how personal values and behaviors create a foundation for legitimate arguments that lead to ethical courses of political action.Manage and calibrate expectations of what republican governance is capable of achieving to better judge government outcomes.Analyze foundational ideas of governance by synthesizing information from a variety of sources in order to influence positive change in government and society.Communicate with integrity, civility, and respect in visual, oral, and written communications with clear and concise messages using persuasive arguments based upon the assigned reading materialCommunicate expectations and encourage openness, transparency, and fairness to mitigate differences and achieve a mutually agreeable outcomeDefine societal problems and analyze potential political and economic solutions to more effectively judge those that provide the greatest good for the greatest number and are effective.Judge the viability of the features of diverse political ideologies and economic systems to advocate for a more just government.


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