write about a type of art or event painting music film etc writing homework help

 Two+ pages, double-spaced, minimum 750 words.Attach RP #1 here in Word format (Open Office, Libre Office, etc.) . Canvas hates Word Perfect and the Mac word processing applications and I won’t be able to open your document if you use them.
Guidelines for writing the 2 “Response Papers” (RPs)
a. More than two pages (double-spaced; at least 750 words).
b. Identify the event or artwork clearly and the date of attendance. If
the paper is “late,” (according to the schedule) because the event you
attended happened after the due date, mention that fact and the date attended, and you will not be penalized.
c. Identify the type of art (painting, music, film, etc.)
please follow the guidelines carefully 
Please no COPY from anyplace 

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