Write a Research Paper Discussing Some Major Crisis Intervention

Research Paper Instructions
Write a research paper of 12–15 pages of body text (not counting your title page, abstract, and references pages) discussing in current APA format some major aspect of crisis intervention. Integrate current research and a biblical worldview into your research paper. Cite all of your sources.
Include at least 15 current references (published within the last 10 years). Points will be deducted for each missing current reference. This is in addition to your texts, if you choose to cite from them.
The Research Paper is broken down into 2 parts.

Research Paper: Part 1 is the submission of the Topic, Abstract, and 15 references in a proper, current APA references page.
Research Paper: Part 2 is the submission of the completed assignment.

The Research Paper is graded based on:
·  Proper grammar, complete thoughts, and spelling of words.
·  12 pages of content (excluding title page, abstract and references).
·  Thoroughness, content, and use of theoretical material.
·  Integration of a biblical perspective.
Using or passing off someone else’s work as your own is a serious academic offense. Plagiarizing your paper will result minimally in failure of the assignment. Plagiarizing can also result in automatic failure of the course, as well as academic discipline. Make sure that all work is your own or is cited appropriately.
Research Paper: Part 1 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 4.
Research Paper: Part 2 is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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