Write a profile of an interesting person you know and uploa…

 Write a profile of an interesting person you know and upload the assignment in a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format) here in Blackboard. If you upload it in any other format, you will receive zero points, as I won’t be able to read it. Please also check if your assignment has been uploaded correctly in BB. If you submit a blank file instead of an actual assignment, you will receive zero points, so please make sure to upload your actual assignment.OPTION #2: Write a profile of a person you know who is interesting for some other reason. It can be anyone — even your mom or child — as long as this person makes a good profile subject. REQUIRED WORD COUNT: 1000 WORDS.
Here is what you need to do to complete this assignment:
1) Interview your profile subject. Take notes or/and record the interview. Do not submit the interview with the assignment. I only want you to submit a profile.
2) Write a profile based on your interview and make sure to follow the structure explained in my lecture. Keep in mind that you are required to begin your profile with a scene.
3) Upload the assignment in a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx format) here in Blackboard. In other words, follow these steps: save your document on a computer, log into Blackboard and click on this assignment. Then scroll down to Attach Files/Browse My Computer and upload the document. Click “Submit.”
As a reminder, here are a few profile examples:

https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/28/world/australia/iraqi-surgeon-returns-home-to-help-the-wounded-get-back-in-the-fight.htmlPaper CommentsThe link of the professor lecture https://youtu.be/r2CUeI5m-XU This is the recommendation from the prof.Dear Students:As you probably know by now, the profile assignment is due by Sunday, June 23rd (and of course a related Discussion is due by this Monday — June 17th).Here are some tips to help you do the best job you can on the profile assignment:1) Make sure to do the readings and watch my entire lecture in Module II + digest and understand what’s in the lecture. As you may have realized by now, you really must complete each reading and watch every lecture to know what to do next. There is no other way to pass this course.2) Do a thorough job on your interviews (see my lecture in the Discussion in Module II for details). You need to get a lot of interesting, pertinent information from your subjects — ideally more than you will need — to make your profiles engaging to the reader.3) You should try to conduct your interviews and write rough drafts as soon as you can after you contribute to the Discussion. Then revise your profile assignments several times prior to submission. On a related note, I have recorded this optional “mini-podcast” about how to navigate the writing process that may help you with this and any other writing assignment: https://soundcloud.com/agata-boxe/how-to-write-anything. Feel free to listen to it if you have five minutes to spare, as you may find it useful. I have noticed that people often have trouble navigating the writing process because they have never been taught how/where to start and what to do next. Please note, however, that these are merely suggestions, and I never impose anything on anyone. If you already have a writing process that differs from the one presented here and that works for you, then by all means stick to it. But if not, you may find this recording helpful.4) Do not try to complete the assignment at the last minute. It won’t work.Sincerely,Your Prof. 

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