write a plan for your website project

write a plan for your website project

It’s time to write up a plan for your class project. You will be uploading a Word or PDF file. For most students, this will be around three pages or more with the cover page (10 points).It is best to plan for an informational website about a business, an organization, or an interest of yours. We don’t cover e-commerce here, so don’t plan for products and a shopping cart. You can showcase products, but you won’t be able to sell them on your website without full e-commerce functionality.You can determine the format, but for full credit you should have the following:

A cover page with your name, class, and the date (10 points).
The following headings with narrative and/or pictures:

Purpose: Provide the purpose of your website in a few sentences (10 points).Website Name: You don’t have to pick a URL, but what is the title of your website? Why did you choose that name? Write a few sentences (10 points).Similar or Competitor Websites: Find at least one and analyze what they did well and what they didn’t. How can that apply to your website? Write at least a paragraph (10 points).Demographics: Who would be interested spending some time on your website? College students? Retired people? People wanting to learn about your interest or ideas? Write at least a paragraph (10 points).Pages: Plan on at least a home page, a feedback/contact page, and three additional pages that will be accessed from a navigation bar. Provide a title and summary sentence of what content will go on each page (10 points). If you wish to include more pages or have second-level pages, you may do that, but keep in mind that time is limited. Include a thumbnail as your book shows (15 points). It may be hand-drawn or electronic.Wireframe: Review the sections in your book on page design and wireframes. Include your final wireframe. It may be hand-drawn or electronic. Include a few sentences explaining what you did (15 points).

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