Write a letter to a friend/family about…..

For Progression 1: you are to write a letter to a friend or family member. it should be 2 pages long.
In the letter, You will do the following : Tell your friend/family member that you are enrolled in a freshman composition class offered by the Chicana/o Studies Department. Although you will be learning about wirting techinques, etc… the reading/literature focus exclusifely on Chiana/o issues/themes. Explain your intitial reaction to that (i.e, how did it make you feel to know that those types of reading would be required of you)?
Explain what these reading have meant to you. Have they made you more aware of certain concernes/issues within the Chicana/o community and or the Mexican-American explerience in this country? How so? what kind of impact have these readings made on you? 
In your letter, you must address one reading in particular and explain why that reading has made you more curious/more interested about Chicana/o issues ( maybe it made you aware of soemthing you knew nothing about, etc…).
Please incorporate 4 vocabulary words from these list and mkae sure to highlight them as well:
– tacit – tangible – tantalize – tautology – tenacity – tenuous – susceptible – synchronize – syncretism – syndrome – quixotic – ramification- poignant – palpable – pungent – quintessential – impervious – idiosyncrasy – laudable – ludicrous – metaphor – innuendo – neologism – opulent – oxymoron.

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