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the topic of Argument Paper should 
Selecting a Topic. Your topic must relate in some way to the overall class theme of religion. (See last week’s announcement for specific suggestions.) If you have any questions at all about whether your topic will work, contact me as soon as possible through Course Messages so that I can give you guidance before you start your research.
An effective topic will be
(1) A problem or issue with two or more sides (for example, don’t argue that we should stop religious violence, or that religion is an important part of life for most people throughout the world. There’s no serious disagreement about either of these claims.)
(2)A problem or issue about which reasonable people might debate and disagree (there are many, many debated topics related to religion–see the previous announcement for some ideas)
(3) A problem or issue that interests you and possibly impacts you personally (if you’re not interested, you’ll find the research and writing drudgery–and your readers won’t be interested, either–so pick a topic that matters to you in some way)
(4)A problem or issue you would like to know more about and understand better (this relates to being interested in your topic; think of a topic you are curious  about and would like to know more about, something you might research even if you didn’t need to fulfill a class assignment)
(5)A problem or issue that you do not already have an extremely strong or passionate opinion about (pick something you are interested in but able to be open minded about; if you unshakeably believe that one side is absolutely right and the other absolutely wrong, you will have a much harder time researching and synthesizing your topic objectively)
In other words, this is a chance to learn about an intriguing side topic of your choice, related in some way to the core readings and to issues of literacy! Later, in the Argument Paper (Writing Project 4), you’ll be able to take an informed position on your topic, but for now, you should focus on simply researching and understanding your selected issue.
Cover letter
I will upload the sample paper with different topic, just follow the format plz.

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