world war ii 15

i need a help with a paper about WWII and it should be these 5 events
These are the 5 events
1- Adolf Hitler
2- Nazi
3-The Fall of Germany
4-Attack of Pearl Harbor
5-Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima

**********************THIS THE INSTRUCTIONS**************************************
now that we all (or mostly all) have our subject (Great Depression, WWII, or Cold War) and top 5 list of topics within that subject area, let’s write a brief 2-3 page essay (typed 500 to 750 words) that explains why we chose the subject and topics we did. This is the format to follow for the assignment: 1) In a brief introduction, lay out why you chose your specific subject area of either the Depression, WWII, or the Cold War, and suggest how the events you have chosen to write about help define the period. 2) Whether you want to deal with each individual topic in separate paragraphs to help rank them in terms of significance or importance, or create a more complicated structure for your essay is up to you, but the goal for each topic will be the same – explain in detail what the event was, when it happened, who or what was involved, etc., and second and most importantly, explain why the topic matters historically, i.e. what consequences or results stemmed from it? 3) A brief conclusion that highlights the main points of your essay is always good and helps with structure and persuasion

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