workplace Violence Protection Plan Outline business and finance homework help

Assess your current or most recent place of employment. ( Spokane Veterans Hospital)
Identify potential workplace violence issues related to each of the following categories. Make sure to use your own example(s) for each category:

Outside persons (i.e., A robber intent on stealing from your store)
Customers or clients (i.e., A former student who arrives on campus to inflict harm)
Employees (i.e., An employee that attacks a coworker)
Outside person who has a direct connection with an employee (i.e., an ex-spouse intending on inflicting harm on the other ex-spouse)

Create a 350-word contingency protection plan outline for each potential issue.
Use the following template for each outline, creating as many headings and sub-headings as needed:
I. Violence by Outside Persons (describe)
A. Policy Statement
B. Summary of Training (describe)
II. Violence by Customers or Clients
Include the following in each contingency plan:

Policy Statement against this form of violence in the workplace
Summary of training for employees to prevent this type of violence
Responsibilities of managers and employees before, during, and after incident

Create correctly formatted APA references and a title page, and include a minimum of three references.
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