Workplace Health and Safety Academic Essay

You are an in-house business psychologist for a large international company. The companyhas growing concerns regarding the health and wellbeing of their employers. Morespecifically, the organisation has notice a growing level of job dissatisfaction amongstemployees, and at company level increased rates of sickness absence. The CEO and seniormanagement of the company would like to have a more full and in-depth understanding ofthe nature and management of:– work-related stress;– working hours;– work demands;– burnout;– work-life conflict;– bullying; and– social support in the workplace.More specifically, the company wants to know more about these topics areas, how theyrelate to the wellbeing of workers and the health of the organisation, and what the companycan do to aIDress and, moreover, prevent and manage these problems. As the in-housebusiness psychologist you have been asked to write a 2000 word report for the CEO andsenior management on one of the topic areas listed above.Aim of the reportThe aim of the report is to provide a critical summary and overview of one of the listed topicareas. The audience of this report is the CEO and senior management. Therefore, it isimportant to bear in mind that the report should be factual, evidence-based, and presented ina user-friendly manner.Report structureThe summary report should aIDress several key areas and issues:1) What is the issue or problem?2) How common is it?3) What are the causes and consequences of this problem/issue?4) How does psychology and psychological theory help us understand and, in turn,manage or prevent this problem?5) Outline and describe key policy and legal documents relating to the selected areathat employers should be made aware of or bear in mind.find the cost of your paperIs this question part of your assignment?Place orderPosted on May 21, 2016Author TutorCategories Question, Questions
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