Working Memory Capacity WMC metric assignment help

you may have already explained the following, but I seem to be a little short on the Working Memory Capacity (WMC) metric.
Your IV’s need to be categorical. So if “Virtual reality game based technology” is a list of possible technologies and “Virtual reality training” is {yes, no}, then this would be a feasible structure as long as each cross section is represented (no empty cells).
For your DV’s, Academic performance could be measured on a continuous scale using GPA or test scores. I don’t know what “Time in study” would be. It should be something that is related to academic performance. 
I was intrigued by your reference Musso et al. (2013). It uses neural networks, a machine learning method, to identify a model that predicts the level of academic performance. I am familiar with approaches like this that are used to diagnose medical conditions from a set of observed conditions. And my phone uses a neural network to decode commands given orally. But this is the first application I have seen in education. Neural networks are a different paradigm than linear regression. They are used to solve classification problems. In this paper, the method is used to predict the level of performance as a category.
Thanks for sharing this intersting research, Randall!

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