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Unit 2.1 DB: Worker’s compensation in different states
Worker’s compensation is surprisingly different from state to state. Review the data in the Figures in Chapter 6, which list data for 18 states (AL, AR, CA, FL, IN, KS, MD, MT, NE, NJ, NM, VT, WA, and WI). Go online to find the same types of data for YOUR home state; If you live in one of the states listed in the book or a state commented on by a previous student, please choose a DIFFERENT state. For example, is there a state fund, what is the percent employee’s wages for temporary total disability and for how long, are there death benefits, etc.
If you lived in this state, would you feel adequately protected? If you were a small business owner, is this too much coverage? Is this state rolling back (reducing) workers’ compensation similar to the NPR news report under Resources and how do you feel about this push?
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