WK5 – #4 Case Study – New Belgium Brewing

WK5 – #4 Case Study – New Belgium Brewing
Answer the following questions related to Case 5 in Business Ethics in a 2-page essay:
• Is there a possible conflict between an industry that sells a product that can have negative consequences from the use of its product and the industry’s ability to engage in socially responsible activities?
• What perks do you see in the New Belgium Brewery that could be an added plus to your work environment? Identify at least two of those perks.
• What are the dangers any company might face if its sole focus is the bottom line? Identify at least five of those dangers.
Read the following sections of Business Ethics:
• Ch. 7, “Organizational Factors: The Role of Ethical Culture and Relationships”
• Ch. 8, “Developing and Effective Ethics Program”
• Case 5, “New Belgium Brewing: Ethical and Environmental Responsibility,” on pp. 437–446
Read the following sections of Conscious Capitalism:
• Ch. 15, ”Conscious Cultures”
• Ch. 16, ”Conscious Management”
• Ch. 18, ”The Power and Beauty of Conscious Capitalism”
• “The Conscious Capitalism Credo” on p. 273
Required Course Materials
Title: Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases
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