wk 6 mgmt of weavers

wk 6 mgmt of weavers

1st Disc –
Why do leaders have the duty to make ethical decisions? Discuss this question in light of human nature.
1st Assignment –

Complete the worksheet on the different roles you play in life. Write a reflective journal entry on 3 of these roles and clearly identify the duties that accompany these roles, to whom you owe these duties, and why.
Also include a brief analysis of which of the 5 most prevalent ethical theories you most connect with and why.

2nd Disc –
When are the death proceeds of a life insurance policy includable in the estate of the insured?
2nd Assignment –
Prepare a succinct letter for a client (no more than 3 pages) explaining under a state law following the Uniform Gift to Minor Act responding to questions asked regarding:

Types of assets that can be transferred to a custodian
Can the parent be the custodian or does it have to be a licensed trust company?
Can a life insurance policy on the minor be acquired by the custodian?
What are the federal income tax filing requirements

I will upload a few docs that will be helpful
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