Why is a free press essential to democracy? If there was no …

political science multi-part question
PromptWhy is a free press essential to democracy? If there was no free press, how would people get information? Can we maintain a democracy when most Americans pay little attention to political events?QUESTIONSChapter 8:Evaluate the three types of traditional news sources in the United States. What are some of the distinct characteristics of each medium? How do the sources differ from each other in terms of the ways in which they disseminate news as well as the audiences they reach? (There are three components to this question).With the rapid proliferation of online sources in the twenty-first century, the Internet has revolutionized the way Americans get their news. Discuss who citizen journalists are. In addition, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet as a tool for Americans to learn about politics.Chapter 9:Explore the role of political parties in American politics. In what ways do political parties differ from interest groups? How do parties contribute to democratic government? (There are two components to this question).Analyze the role of third parties in the American political system. Your answer should Include the following:the reasons that third parties arisethe reasons why a three-party system has not emerged in the United States; andSome of the more notable third-party presidential candidates in American history. (There are three components to this question.)Requirements: explain
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