Whether external or internal, we want our audience to be the…

Whether external or internal, we want our audience to be the most receptive to our message as possible. Our goal as writers is always to get our message across to our audiences. This statement is true regardless of the type or intent of our messages. As we’ve already discussed in this class, many of the audiences we address through our written business communications are varied–mixtures of professionals, colleagues, and laypersons (those outside our fields). 
Imagine your readers to be the most varied audience possible–ages, levels of experience, socioeconomic status, etc. What steps would you take to get your message across to the most people possible?
 In the course of business, we may at some point be in a position of authority in management or some other supervisory position. It becomes necessary sometimes to deliver important information about individual rather than group performance. I believe that with reprimands and formal warnings, clear expectations should be given so that the information is documented. For meetings of this nature, documentation is incredibly important to have on hand for future reference.
 How do we make sure we’re providing clear expectations in warnings and reprimands?
What clarification do you need about punctuation?

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