When a person prevails they. morally right B. fearless C. ga…

When a person prevails they..
A. morally right
B. fearless
C. gain the desired effect
D. shaking in a threatening way
clues of what will happen later in the text are called… 
A. foreshadowing
B. alliteration
C. context clues
D. hyperbole
Who is the main character of Le Morte d’Arthur?
A. Modred
B. Sir Gawain
C. King Arthur
D. Bedivere
Which of the following is a verb form that shows an action is continuing?
A. “She is walking in the park.”
B. “She had walked to the park before sunrise.”
C. “She walked to the park.”
D. “She has walked to the park before sunrise.”
When considering the audience, which of the following questions could you ask yourself?
A. Who will be reading this? 
B. How might the journey of this hero have meaning for readers today?
C. What kind of hero is important to me?
D. Where can I set this story and what might the hero’s quest be?
Which of the following quotations reveal an omniscient point-of-view?
A. “Then they agreed that King Arthur and Sir Mordred should meet between their two hosts, and that each of them should bring fourteen persons with him.”
B. “But when the hosts on both sides saw that sword drawn, they blew trumpets and horns and shouted grimly, and the two hosts rushed toward each other.”
C. “Then the king got his spear in both his hands and ran toward Sir Mordred, crying, ‘Traitor, now has thy death-day come!’”
D. “And the king thought that under him, far from him, was hideous deep black water; therein were all manner of serpents and worms and wild beasts, foul and horrible.”
I had walked on the beach before dinner.–Is an example of what verb type?
A. past progressive
B. simple past
C. past participle
D. past perfect
What point of view is shown in the following lines of Le Morte d’Arthur.
Upon Trinity Sunday at night King Arthur dreamed a wonderful dream, and that was this: it seemed that he saw upon a platform a chair and the chair was fastened to a wheel; thereupon King Arthur sat in the richest cloth of gold that might be made. And the king thought that under him, far from him, was hideous deep black water… 
Question 10 options:
A. Narrative
B. Third-person omniscient
C. Third-person limited omniscient
D. First person 
What is the setting of Le Morte d’Arthur? 
A. Denmark, 6th Century
B. Nordic Plains
C. a battlefield on Trinity Sunday
D. Battle of Hastings
         What happens to King Arthur’s sword in the end?  
Jane talks on the phone. 
Bob has been talking on the phone for an hour. 
Mary is talking on the phone.
Who is not necessarily on the phone now? (use verb tense to figure it out)
A. Bob
B. Jane and Mary
C. Jane
D. Mary
the selection “The Day of Destiny Le Morte d’Arthur.”
Which of the following is an example of a situational archetype?
A. heaven vs hell
B. colors
C. father-son conflict
D. Light vs Darkness
The nurse asked for clarification because she could not make out the doctor’s handwriting, and she did not want to do the wrong thing. Define clarification.
A. To make difficult
B. A well-written note
C. explanation that makes something easier to understand
C. Provision of assistance
Which of the following uses first-person point-of-view?
A. I fought in the battle.
B. You fought in the battle
C. He fought in the battle.
D. They fought in the battle
Why is Arthur an archetypical hero?
A. because they show Arthur as a strong warrior who is destined to die in battle. 
B. because they show Arthur as a wise king
C. because they show Arthur as a meek and humble ruler
D. because they show Arthur as a monster
Arthur’s companion, Gawain, is depicted as a chivalric person–What do you think chivalric means?
A. honorable, loyal, courageous
B. questioning, curious, bending
C. handsome, well-bred, strong
D. dishonorable, disloyal, childish
She swooned when she got a whiff of the harsh chemical. What does the bolded word mean?
A. she jumped
B. she fled
C. She awoke
D. she fainted

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