I would like the worksheet to cover the topic of Education. I will attach the worksheet to this question. Please review the instructions for the Final Research Paper in Week Five before you begin working on this assignment. This assignment is designed to help you get started on your Final Research Paper by requiring you to choose the topic and sources you will use, as well as summarize those sources. It will also give your instructor a chance to provide you with feedback on your thesis statement and your topic. Please review the Tutorial for the Week 3 Worksheet  (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. before beginning to fill out the worksheet for this assignment. See the Final Paper Flow Chart for a quick overview of the Final Research Paper. Now that youâ€ve reviewed the Final Research Paper requirements, you are ready to complete the Week Three Assignment Worksheet, which contains further instructions (if youâ€re on a mobile device or a Mac, you may have trouble clicking on the links within the worksheet. All of the resources linked to in the worksheet are available in the Week 5 Assignment description).
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