What should the major objectives of this health maintenance visit be?

C. T. a 48-year-old male patient presents for a checkup. He admits it has been 4 years since he has been seen by a medical professional and at that time was diagnosed with an upper respiratory illness. He did have his blood pressure takin a year ago at his employer’s health fair and was told it was a “little high”.

He has had no major illness or chronic diseases. He has no known allergies and does not take any regular medication.

His family history shows that is father died of a heart attack at age 68, his mother is alive and well at age 72, he has a 50-year-old brother with depression and alcoholism, and one son who is healthy at age 24. He did have a maternal uncle with prostate cancer.

On review of systems, he has occasional headaches, experiences shortness of breath when he walks upstairs, and gets up once a night to urinate.

What should the major objectives of this health maintenance visit be?

What conditions, risk factors, and health related behaviors should be screened for during this visit?

What are the common causes of morbidity and mortality for 48-year-old men in the United States?

Read and respond to two of your peers posts. Compare and contrast your responses with theirs and discuss different perspectives.



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