What law and guidance should a nurse be aware of in the role and why are these important?

Please read all the guidance carefully and also please include everything that i have asked for also can you please include NMC CODE for reference as well. I will also send you the assignment of the previous student just to see how it is suppose to be done. Thank you Reflective discussion demonstrating your understanding of the professional ethical and legal values that impact on nursing in a diverse society. As this is a reflective academic discussion you can use the term I, and We throughout your assignment but you must use literature and evidence to enhance your understanding of what you are reflecting on. How does we use a CONSENT on these field You must Include
1) Learning Disability
2) Children Nurse
3) Adult Nurse
4) Mental Health Nurse
Give an overview of why reflection is an important process according to the Nursing. You need to demonstrate that you understand what reflection is and why it is important. (Using an appropriate definition of reflection will support this) Introduce the aim of your assignment. State which reflective tool you used to support your reflection on your experience and highlight why. Reflection Tool: GIBBS Main Body USE GIBBS STAGES AND TALK ABOUT CONSENT A brief description of your professional background. E.g. Are you a previous Health Care Assistance) First body part. The important of this part is to relate this to how much your previous knowledge and experience has impacted upon your approach to the theme rather than a general description of you. NOTE: DO NOT USE CASE STUDY. You need to reflect on why it had an impact on you and demonstrate an understanding of the guidance you will need to be aware of as a developing professional nurse. Consider how this guidance may be used across the 4 Nursing Field. 1) Adult Nursing 2) Learning Disability 3) Mental Health Nurse 4) Children Nurse What law and guidance should a nurse be aware of in the role and why are these important? Discuss how your chosen theme relates to another theme. For instance, how might Consent related to spirituality. As you will only have 1500 words you will be unable to explore each field in depth, however you need to acknowledge that there will/ may be difference between how each field approaches a particular theme. Conclusion Details the action points you have generated from your reflective discussion which you can put into practice as part of your development as a student nurse that recognizes the importance of diversity. Reference Harvard Reference Please Include NMC Code of Conduct 4 fields of Nursing in your Discussion. Relate Principles and guidance to professional practice. Plagiarism – 10%


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