What kinds of services does the online store provide?

Provide an overview of the business idea
• Product and type of services.
o What are the different types of products? Explain

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What kinds of services does the online store provide? [ customer service, exchange and return, delivery, and payment options]
• Business statement.
• Business vision.
• Business objective.
Where is the money?
o What is the company’s business model?
o What is the revenue model? Give a general idea of how the business generates revenues
➢ Who and where is the target audience? Explain demographics, lifestyle, consumption patterns, etc.
➢ Characterize the marketplace.
o Size, growth, demographics, structure, competition
o Research the market and give an idea about each point
➢ Describe the content of the business website
➢ Conduct a SWOT analysis for the business (Explain each point)
o At least three points for each
➢ Develop an e-commerce presence map.
o (For example: website, email … etc.)
o What activities does the company use these platforms for? (E.g. marketing, customer service, news…etc.)
2. Explain the design of the system 1.5 marks
➢ Explain in detail the design of the system (business objectives, system functionality, information provided)
Business Objective
System Functionality
Information provided
Ex: Display goods
Digital Catalog
Dynamic text and graphics catalog
• What can be improved or added into the system design?
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