What is the impact of contextual factors on advocacy and pol…

What is the impact of contextual factors on advocacy and policy?

Identify the position’s current major components, tasks, or responsibilities.
Describe the different types of emotions humans experience, and analyze the biological and cognitive factors that affect emotion and their effects on worker productivity in this role.
Assess whether the position cultivates a sense of intrinsic motivation.
Briefly discuss current company-wide rewards, such as bonus plans, profit sharing, and one-to-one rewards such as praise or recognition, and how employees’ emotions affect their performance.

Cite at least 3 to 5 sources.
Contextual factors can range from internal (the organization, the practice, the environment, the culture, etc.) to external (laws, policies, politics, regulations, etc.). However, whether originating internally or externally, contextual factors have the capability of advancing or hindering an advocacy priority.
For this Discussion, you will consider how contextual factors impact policy making, focusing specifically on how these factors might impact your advocacy priority. Consider what contextual factors might promote getting your priority on the agenda, as wel            l as those that might work against it.
Post a response detailing the following:
Which contextual factors will promote getting your advocacy priority on the agenda?Which contextual factors might work against it?
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