What interests you most about a career in early childhood ed…

What interests you most about a career in early childhood ed…

this  must be done in 8 hours…… no late work……
Use the attachment to do the following:
you can write this as if you were me.  I have posted some info to use on question #3

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Why ECE?
In a typed paper, please respond to the following questions, including five references to your textbook (at least one reference for each question):
1. What interests you most about a career in early childhood education?  Analyze at least three theories or ideas that have influenced the field of early childhood education. Present your own philosophy for the care and education of young children and include the ideas you analyzed that have shaped your own beliefs about how young children learn and develop
2. In what types of programs, based on what philosophies, would you consider working? Include program types and philosophies from which you will choose. What positions/titles will you pursue?
3. What experience, if any, have you had with young children (including fieldwork classes, volunteer work, babysitting, and other paid positions)? ***** For this please put that I have a son who is 2 years old and that is my experience with kids along with my nieces and nephews when I take care of them** you can emphasize on this.
4. Offer a self-assessment of your perceived effectiveness in a teaching role. Include at least five characteristics that have been identified by the profession as essential. Identify at least three traits you possess that make you well-suited to this work?
5. What concerns do you have about pursuing a career in Early childhood education?
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