What if Maria’s situation suddenly changed and she lost her …

What if Maria’s situation suddenly changed and she lost her housing?
concerns would you, as the nurse, have for Maria and her children now? How
would you counsel Maria to obtain the needed assistance and support she
requires in the face of her new situation?
2. The student nurse is accompanying the psychiatric nurse in a nursing
assessment of a newly admitted client. The psychiatric nurse tells the student nurse
that the client is profoundly depressed and has refused to bathe or eat for the past
one week. The psychiatric nurse stressed that all clients admitted to a hospital for
psychiatric treatment will have a diagnosis from the DSM stated on the chart by the
psychiatrist. The nurse explains that the nursing diagnosis will consider past and
present responses to actual mental health problems and provide a conceptual
framework for identifying interventions for the abnormality the client is
experiencing. (Learning Objective: 2)
a. What would the psychiatric nurse’s reply be if the student nurse asked him or
her what type of client information the DSM is associated with?
b. How does the DSM diagnosis affect client care?
c. What information do the DSM criteria impart to the
multidisciplinary team
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