What does it mean to be human? What is the world like? What …

What does it mean to be human? What is the world like? What …

the student’s answers to these questions, not a repeat of what is in the textbook. 1500 words, typed, Times New Roman 12 pt font, with proper grammar and style.
The assignment should contain each of the follow sections:1. What does it mean to be human?2. What is the world like?3. What is the big problem in this world?4. What is the solution to that problem?5. What is an individual’s purpose?6. What is the ultimate end?7. How does your worldview impact your academic studies and vocational pursuits?

Anyelo Sanchez
The assignment should contain each of the follow sections:
1. What does it mean to be human?
Being human is one who stops behaving like an animal. As long as we continue to behave like
animals, we cannot call ourselves human beings but talking bipeds or rational animals. The
conditions that show our animality are associated with the survival instinct, as long as we have
aggressive reactions, to flee, to fight, to defend ourselves, to fight to survive, to work to exist, we
will not be human yet. A human being is someone who understands that life is for living and
sharing peacefully with all other beings. Someone who understands that he does not work to
survive but to serve, someone who understands that it is communication, dialogue and agreement
that allows us to solve our differences of opinion and not the imposition or aggression. Someone
who understands that the more he gives and the more he serves, the more capacity he has to
serve better. Being human means learning to love so that comprehension, respect, understanding
and acceptance rule within each one of us.
2. What is the world like?
Thanks to the higher intelligence of the human species, we live in a world with trillions of
different species in addition to the billions of humans. There are countless possible personalities
as a result of this. You might discover one acting well, one acting poorly, and one just watching.
These groupings are made up of sizable groups of people that frequently interact. Until someone
wakes up to remind us of who we truly are, we are constantly losing sight of ourselves.
3. What is the big problem in this world?
Because the reality experienced in various regions of the world varies, it is crucial that we learn
to open our eyes and become aware of the challenges facing today’s world on a global scale. This
includes learning about the sources of these problems so that we can prevent them and discover
solutions. Conflicts, in my opinion, As we’ve seen in the past, conflicts around the world are one
of the major causes of hunger, but one of their most devastating effects is the forced eviction of
thousands of people who must flee their homes in order to survive.
4. What is the solution to that problem?
Increasing access to water and sanitation infrastructure Water and food are two elements that go
hand in hand. Both these essential fluids and food are in short supply. In order to ensure access to
food goods, it is crucial to protect the fundamental right to water. Give education a priority
because it’s one of the best methods to ensure food security. Boys and girls must therefore have

access to high-quality education in order to end the cycle of poverty in communities plagued by
major economic issues.
5. What is an individual’s purpose?
Although an individual’s purpose is rather straightforward, only a small number of people would
fully comprehend the explanation and understanding: Humanity’s purpose is to experience life in
cycles, in parts, and to evolve the soul and consciousness during each cycle. As a result, anyone
who could comprehend this in a straightforward manner would need to go through a special
experience where they could sense and experience that life is not as straightforward and
superficial as it seems. However, what significance would humanity place on simply being born,
growing, reproducing, and dying? We are actually three-dimensional spirits living human lives,
as those who have undergone certain experiences are aware of. People who have had the good
fortune to experience the soul mate journey could undoubtedly attest to the truth of this
statement: If you haven’t been on this journey, it would be very difficult for you to comprehend
life and the depths of life. In every soul mate couple, you can find things from the past stored in
the subconscious of each part… of each being.
6. What is the ultimate end?
It is, in my opinion, the regulation of human behavior to ensure that all people, not just the
majority, are happy. Happiness is attained through love, which unites us, establishes equality,
and tears down barriers of indifference. All life is valuable enough; you simply need to know
how to live it well. Due to his freedom to realize his potential, each man is an end in and of
himself. Freedom is synonymous with acting for the greater good and avoiding being indifferent,
not with licentiousness. We are here for happiness that will endure forever, not just fleeting
7. How does your worldview impact your academic studies and vocational pursuits?
Technology is what I perceive as having the most impact on the globe because, in my
perspective, social networks serve as a digital representation of your social environment and can
have a multiplicative effect because there are no geographical boundaries that prevent you from
connecting with people. individuals in the entire world. But what relevance does it have? A
social network is used to connect with groups of individuals who share common interests, learn
and teach what one knows about a subject, and discover why one shouldn’t be a part of a group
with a shared objective. Sadly, this is not always the case, and many people do not use these
tools as often as they ought to. Depending on the person, the fact that there is no guidebook on
how to use them may result in a self-esteem issue. or of several kinds. There are documented

instances of people living a fantasy life on social media and oblivious to the reality, which is
entirely different. We must never lose sight of the fact that technology was created to benefit
people. But you have to learn how to control them. You can benefit the most from these
resources to further your studies.

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