What aspects of your writing in the project are effective and why do you think they are effective?

I am having trouble doing a critique on myself. If anyone couldhelp that would be great. Read the claim letter I wrote below.1. What aspects of your writing in the project are effective andwhy do you think they are effective? Be specific.2. What do you think you could have improved in your writtenproject and how would you improve it? Be specific.3. Briefly describe the process you used to write the project.(In other words, did you begin by gathering ideas? How? What didyou review before beginning to write? How did you choose a topic?What revision strategies/processes did you use? The goal is toexplain your writing process.) Do you think this process waseffective? Why or why not?Jake Smith1 (914) 345-6543jake.smith@mail.comJuly 1, 2017Dear HiringManager,
As a Reactor Service Specialist II with 6+ years of industryexperience I am an ideal candidate for the Distribution Engineer IIposition available on Next Energy.com/careers. Please accept myresume for your consideration.I am a motivated professional with an evident record of helpingorganizations meet their goals through a cohesive concentration inmy educational background. While attending Carolina University,with a strong focus on my degree in Industrial Engineering, I havegained the skills and competencies in many areas that betterstrengthen my ability to meet the company’s goals throughcoursework such as: Physics Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism,and Nuclear Theory to name a few. The constant growth in myeducation has prepared me with the knowledge and responsibility tosucceed in this position. Whether it is implementing processimprovements to yield project efficiency, inspecting quality tomaximize proficiency and end deliverables, or cultivating customerrapport to drive retention, I thrive on performance and qualityassurance with enthusiasm, diligence, and positivity.My career experience has only further enhanced my expertise inthe field of power generation. My strong communication skills andyears of experience working with diverse groups allow me to movewith ease to obtain commitments among clients and coworkers ofvaried backgrounds and different levels of responsibility. I havethe utmost respect for confidentiality, and approach sensitivematters with discretion and tact. I am especially skilled atkeeping operations running smoothly and efficiently in the midst ofchanges to technologies, procedures, or personnel. I take my workseriously, and approach with meticulous execution of any role orresponsibility that I undertake.My years of project team relations, interpersonal andcross-functional communications, resource allocation, safetyprotocol, process improvements, and customer relations experiencehave prepared me well for a challenging role with Next Energy. Ilook forward to meeting with you to discuss how I can help yourorganization meet its objectives in 2017 and beyond. Please don’thesitate to contact me anytime with questions. Thanks so much foryour time and consideration.Sincerely,Jake Smith


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The post What aspects of your writing in the project are effective and why do you think they are effective? appeared first on The Nursing Hub.
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