Requirement that you use outside sources for this assignment, and it is REQUIRED that you must use correct in-text citations and include a reference list, properly formatted in APA style, at the end of your document. Not doing so is plagiarism.

EACH answer to EACH question will be a minimum of 100 words; no maximum.
Critical thought and your OWN unique perspective in EACH answer is vital.
Grammar, sentence structure, and clarity are very important in your writing.

Two students are discussing environmentalists claims that trade harms the environment. One student says Says, there may be pollution effects, but they’re a small price to pay for a higher standard of living. The other student agrees, saying, “Yeah, those tree huggers are always exaggerating those effects anyway. Who cares if a toad in the Amazon goes extinct?
1. What arguments can you offer to counter these students opinions?
2. What specific actions could firms take to ensure that trade does not harm the environment?
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