week six assignment

  Finalize the Research Question (RQ) Preparation
If you choose to have an optional conference with the instructor, be sure to have both the qualitative and quantitative project guides (linked in Resources) handy for reference. Reminder: Mixed-methods questions, meta-analysis, and single-case-study designs are unacceptable for the integrative project. Please refer to your instructor’s Faculty Expectation Message for additional details on preferred methods of communication. Instructions Submit a copy of your research question. For quantitative research questions, include your hypothesis or hypotheses. Be sure to phrase the research question in the form of a question. Identify the research question as qualitative or quantitative. Identify three peer-reviewed sources that support the need to investigate the RQ. In three sentences or fewer, explain how this inquiry is original and how it will advance the scientific knowledge base. Post your proposed research question (RQ) in one or two interrogatives. Identify whether it is a qualitative or a quantitative question.
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