Week Nine Assignment 5 bus221

Week Nine Assignment 5 bus221

The Formal Informative Speech (5-8 Minutes)
Review your speech plans in Week 8 Discussion Board before you complete work here.
You must select a current events topic from the media (newspaper/magazine, radio, TV, or Internet).
This can be based on a social, economic or political activity of concern to you.
Assignment #5: The Formal Informative Speech (5-8 Minutes)
Due: Week 9 (this week).
Speech Assignment: Communicate on Your Feet, an Expository Speech

Follow the speech plan Action Steps to prepare a five to eight minute informative speech in which you present carefully researched, in-depth information about a complex topic. You may choose one of the topics from Figure 16.2 in the textbook, or a topic suggested by your coursework; or a topic about which you are interested; or a topic suggested by your instructor. Your instructor must approve your topic.
Criteria for evaluation include all the general criteria of topic and purpose, content, organization, and presentation, but special emphasis will be placed on how intellectually stimulating the topic is made for the audience, how creatively ideas are presented, and how clearly the important information is emphasized. Use the Expository Speech Evaluation Checklist, Figure 16.3 in the textbook to critique yourself as you practice your speech.

Prior to presenting your speech, prepare an outline, a source list in APA format, and a written plan for adapting your speech to the audience. Your adaptation plan should describe both verbal and visual strategies and should address how you will:

Establish common ground
Build and maintain audience interest
Adjust to the audience’s knowledge and sophistication
Build speaker credibility
Adapt to the audience’s attitudes toward your speech goal
Adapt to audiences from different cultures and language communities (if relevant for you in this speech)

The United States has gone to war with North Korea in the past (1950-1953). It was a challenging undertaking due to geography and climate, and because of the Chinese and the Soviets taking the side of the North Koreans. Millions died in the process, and North Korea has used this as one of the pretexts in their quest for the weapons of mass destruction. Of course, conflicts are unpredictable and they tend to spiral out of control. Not many players would wish to rush to war since the outcome is uncertain. I look forward to reevaluating this issue to understand the history behind the Korean crisis, all the parties involved, any intervention measures being put in place to prevent war, any successes and/or stalemates, as well as why there is a lot of mistrust. I hope to be able to predict development on the Korean issue over the next few months with relative certainty.There has been a lot of talk about the North Korean nuclear activity; and, of course, this is concerning since North Korea does not seem to be slowing down. The North Koreans insist on developing and possessing these dangerous weapons, and they have made it clear of their intentions to use them if attacked or provoked. North Korea may not be having a real enemy as of now. This is since South Korea, Japan, and the United States are highly regarded as the beacons of morality and humanity in general. In fact, immediately after President Trump came to office, there were fears that a war with Korea may break-out. Diplomacy worked, and the world was pulled from the brink of another catastrophe.
Andelman, D.A. (2017, August 21). North Korea will be a nuclear power. We need to accept that now. CNN. Retrieved from http://edition.cnn.com/2017/08/21/opinions/north-korea-will-have-nuclear-weapsons-andelman-opinion/index.html
The online news article is:
Use visual aids to enhance audience understanding and memory 

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