week 6 research questions hypotheses and research design

While your purpose statement explains what you plan to accomplish in your study, your research questions and hypotheses provide the guidance and structure you need to obtain your findings. The purpose of your study and your framework, which you addressed in the Week 5 Discussion, inform the research design you select, which further informs whether you develop research questions or hypotheses, or both.
Write a brief restatement of your studyâ€s purpose (you posted this purpose in the Week 5 Discussion). Then, list the research question(s) and/or hypotheses that will guide your study.
Depending on the type of study you are planning on conducting, include the following:

For a quantitative study or mixed methods study, generate potential hypotheses.
For a mixed methods study, indicate how the two methods will work together.

Next, explain the approach or research design that you will use to address your research questions and/or hypotheses. Justify your selection.
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