week 6 marketing plan

week 6 marketing plan

Unit 6: Marketing Plan
Complete a brief, 2,500 word marketing plan for either a business you wish to start, or an existing business of your choosing, and submit it via Turnitin. Note: Please follow the directions below and accompanying rubric
Learning Outcomes

Apply the concepts of the marketing mix to the formulation/evaluation of marketing strategies relative to particular target markets, environments (economic, technological and competitive), and desired positions in market places (both local and global). Areas to be addressed include an integrated communication strategy, branding, packaging, pricing, product/service design, methods of delivery and product life cycle. (CLO 3)


You must not violate Park Universityâ€s guidelines with respect to plagiarism.
Your plan must contain the following required headings and subheadings for the marketing plan (See the marketing plan rubric (Provide link) for specific point assignments)

Executive Summary
Situation Analysis

Company analysis
Customer market analysis
Competitive market analysis
External market environment
SWOT analysis

Marketing strategy

Target Market

Implementation and control

Review the marketing plan template in the files area (This template is for a much more extensive plan than the one you will write) to assist you with preparing the plan.
You must not violate Park Universityâ€s guidelines with respect to plagiarism. For additional assistance concerning plagiarism, see the Turnitin Policy and Plagiarism Page.

Name your file with your name, and paper 1 i.e. Jones paper 1 or Brown paper 1.
Your file should be in either Microsoft word (.doc or .docx) or rich text (.rtf) format.
Submit your paper to Turnitin via Canvas. Instructions are located here: Submitting Turnitin Assignments (Links to an external site.).
After you submit your plan to Turnitin, you must then make the necessary edits, such as adding citations and paraphrasing, to ensure the originality of your plan. Multiple submissions are allowed up till the due date; however, the final version should have an originality report from Turnitin that is not higher than 15%.

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