Week 5 discussion | Economics homework help

For this Discussion, read the case study “Creating a Process-Oriented Enterprise at Pinnacle West”
Based on your reading and analysis of the case study, post your response to the following:

What challenges does Brown, the CIO, face in creating a process-oriented organization?
What are the requirements for creating a process-oriented culture in an organization? To what extend does Pinnacle West address these requirements? Where is it lacking?
Is it necessary to push the process-oriented culture to the entire company, or is having a process-oriented information technology organization sufficient for driving value from business information systems?
What lessons can you learn from the Pinnacle West case, and how might you apply those at your organization? How effective is management at promoting a process-oriented culture? What could management do better or improve upon to create or implement enterprise-wide business information systems? Provide specific examples to support your observations.

APA format with in-text citations and references. 2 paragraphs minimum and due in 8 hours

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