week 4 assignment 66

Discussion Prompt 1
Restate the research question you have chosen.
Discuss the importance of questionnaire design. Which type of questionnaire will work best for your final project? Why?
Give examples of three questions from your questionnaire (Week 4 Assignment) for the final project.

Do not use simple demographic questions as your examples (“What is your date of birth?” or “Are you male or female?”). Instead, choose questions that will help you elicit information to answer your study question (“How often do you get mammograms?”).

Respond to at least two of your classmates’ or instructor’s posts. Give your classmates input on the example questions they’ve posted. Will these question help to answer the research question? If not, give examples of other questions they might use.

Discussion Prompt 2: Now, itâ€s time to complete an important part of your project – decide which descriptive statistics to use to describe how your participants answered each question on your survey. For this discussion, provide the following:

What are your research questions? (Main hypotheses and goal of your study)
Describe your dependent variable. What type of measures: Categorical or Continuous, what type of descriptive analysis?
Describe your main independent variable as well as other variables (such as demographics): What type of measures: Categorical or Continuous, what type of descriptive analysis?
How the questions are worded and answered for each chosen independent variable and dependent variable?

Discussion Prompt 3: Find a peer-reviewed journal article that interests you and includes the results of one of the statistical tests that we covered this week (one-sample test of proportions, independent samples t-test, or paired samples t-test). For this discussion, provide the following:

A link to the website that contains the article
What are the research questions? (Main hypotheses and goal of your study)
List and specify dependent and independent variables cited in the article
The specific statistical test that was used for hypothesis testing
The findings, including relevant numbers that help people understand the magnitude of the findings (e.g., two proportions, the mean score for each group, the mean score at each time point)
Your thoughts about the implications of the findings (what does it all mean?)

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