Week 3 Research Outline The topic of your research should fo…

Week 3 Research Outline The topic of your research should fo…

Week 3 – Research Outline
The topic of your research should focus on your research on reverse logistics policy development through reading trade and business journals, professional conference materials, and online.
Possible Research journal Topics, Explain the make-up of Reverse Logistics and tie to ROI:

Explain and contrast at least two competitive strategies
Describe RL Planning and strategy Challenges
Describe and explain the impact of Going Green
Describe and explain Environmental and sustainability
Explain the applicability of hazardous waste to reverse logistics operations
Explain the packaging and protection of hazardous materials relative to the environment
Explain ethical behavior in RL
Describe and explain emerging trends concerning RL planning and strategy
Explain procedures and technology to sustainable operations
Explain and describe the process to gain a Competitive Advantage in RL, economic, business, environmental and social factors
Product Acquisition, Grading, and Disposition Decisions 
Expound on Production Planning and Control for Remanufacturing 
Explicate on Markets for Remanufactured Products—Empirical Findings 
Provide Examples of Existing Profitable Practices, and describe – Product Take-Back and Recovery 

The choice is yours to make.
Write an outline of your research topic journal. This outline can follow the following format as far as section headings. But you do not have to follow it. You can add more sections. But there must be at least five sections highlighted by * and section titles. Include at least 100 words per section that you use.
Literature Review*
Future Research Recommendation

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