Week 3 Basic steps, exercise objectives and resource inventories

2. Here is the scenario – You are planning a tabletop exercise designed to solve a recurring problem in your pre-hospital system. This is an urban system with a total of 10 paid paramedics and 20 paid EMTs. There are also 15 volunteer EMTs. The problem is that communication among the various EMTs and paramedics and among responding units has been less than optimal. Problems include lack of interoperability and failure to use standard terminology. Here are the three tasks.
a. Determine who the players should be. Write an email notice inviting them to a with an explanation of what you hope to accomplish. B. Write a communication scenario that will allow the players to address the problem at hand. . Make a list of facilities and materials you will use in the exercise.
3. Refine your capstone proposal based on discussions during week one.

About my Capstone it’s disaster management

persons with disabilities. You should know, though, that a graduate many years ago did such a project. It is now a DMM elective course. How would you make yours unique?
Reading Assignments
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HSEEP.pdf (736.999 KB)
Core Capability Diagram (1.docx (79.522 KB)

1. IS 139a Lesson 2 – Exercise Planning Team
2. IS 139a Lesson3 – Capability-based Exercise Objective Development
3. The Inventory Resource – IS 139 Central City Planning Materials and Resources
4. Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program. This document is found at the link titled Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (Volume 1). You will find the portions you’ll need for this week on pages 2.3-2.6 (Exercise types) and 3.1 (the 8 step process).
Having reviewed the basics of exercise design last week, this week we dig deeper. Look at each of the design steps so you can begin the thought process that will go into developing your exercise. The chapter on the TTX will take you beyond the discussion-based exercises.
One of the most valuable collection of resources you will use this summer and for the rest of your career is the HSEEP. We will use several of the files in HSEEP this semester, so look them over, ask questions, think about the ones your group will need during the semester.
As you develop your portion of your exercise, you will need to think about available resources. That’s where the Liberty County files come into play. Look them over with an eye towards your group’s scenario. If a resource you think you need is in there, you may use. If a resource isn’t there, it is not available to you.

Here’s the URL for the full 139a course:

TTX Videos
Here are a few good

videos you may want to review. I only chose ones that were under an hour long. Feel free to look at

yourself for others. Team Rubicon has several, but they are all full length, often more than 4 hours.
Healthcare TTX

Active shooter

How to conduct a


Another active shooter

General information
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