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This week, we’ve begun to learn about the steps necessary to begin planning an event. The purpose of this assignment is to develop an event concept that includes each of the elements that are essential to create your plan. What You’ll Need Your Macbook Pr Prepare Complete this week’s Lesson activities. Download the Event Concept Worksheet. EBS441-OTheEventConceptWorksheet.pdf284 KB
Select a one-day event from the list below: Album Release Party Fashion Show Movie Premiere Business Conference
For your event, each of these conditions will apply: This is a one-day event. There will be no more than 250 attendees. The event must be profit-oriented (no fundraisers, charity events, or cause-related events). Avoid celebrity involvement. Create
Describe the details of your event concept using the worksheet template provided. Follow the instructions on the worksheet to complete each question based on the following topics: Event vision: Summarize the concept of your event. Event goals: What is the purpose of your event? Event objectives: What are the measurable outcomes for your event? Target audience: Who do you expect to attend this event? Be sure to include demographic and psychographic considerations as required in the Event Concept Worksheet. Date and time: When will this event take place? What time of day? What time of year? Marketing and promotion: How will people find out about this event?  Submit  Save your worksheet  Name your document as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EventConcept
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